August - September 2010 

WOW! What an exciting time it was at the American Eventing Championships. The facility was first class and the competition was too. So many familiar faces and some that we had not seen in years. Our riders all finished with a score and they finished in the top half of their divisions consisting of a no less than 60 riders per division. One even in the top 12 in the Training Horse division. Not too shabby! We certainly went home proud.

The World Equestrian Games team and individual horses and riders was announced the next day and we are so excited to have a strong team of riders and horses. For now the team consists of Phillip Dutton, Boyd Martin, Kim Severson and Buck Davidson. Our individual riders are Karen O'Connor and Becky Holder. Our alternate is Amy Tryon. They should prove to be strong for the USA. I am kind of split with the Aussie's. Good thing for the Americans that they have 2 ex Aussie's on their team now. Ha! Ha! Go Aussie's.

It was our intention to take a short break from horses and do something non horsey while the Games were going on, but the great invitations and the pressure got the best of us, so we are going. We hope you are too.

Feather Creek turned out to be a nice outing just before the Championships. At least for most of us. One of our riders takes the toughest person award at that event. Have you ever heard of your horse being stung by some kind of bee in the private area just a minute out of your ride time? That's exactly what happened and the horse went down o the ground to get this bee off her. Both were safe, but extremely frazzled. The whistle blew and the very tense dressage test was completed. Two hours later in the showjumping warm-up something else crazy happened. I hear a crash and I look over to see the same horse and rider on the ground, in a heap, just two riders from being her turn. Jeez! They picked themselves up, brushed off the dirt and went in the arena to have a clean round. Way to hang in there and ride tough!

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