January 9-10, 2010 Ocala Winter I

Winter I - Burrrrrr!  It was no warmer there than it was here.  The organizers had to drive the tractor into the water jump to break the ice and then they took it out by hand. Calvin and Razzle Dazzle were taken under Karen and David's wing and they were fortunate to head back down to Florida.  He was very focused and his finish told us all that.  Calvin arrived in late Friday night, competed all weekend, finished 2nd on his dressage score and more importantly, didn't miss a minute of school.  Way to stay tough dude.

December 27-January 2, 2010 OCET Winter Camp

OCET Winter Camp was another great success. We all managed to make a few more lifetime friends from this wonderful camp. People from all over the United States and Canada were plentiful as usual , at Meredyth South. The motto certainly mimics our own 'work hard, play hard' motto. We all did just that and without even trying, we made plenty of fun memories. Abigail and her pony, Candy were the show stoppers when Karen stole them at the end of each day to make sure she won her bet. I would say her bet was won when she had our 5 year old jumping up and down a bank and in and out of water. I am not sure who had the bigger smile, Karen or Abigail.

New Years Eve began early with the celebration of Bruce Davidson's 60th Birthday. What a great gathering that was. Right up Bruce's alley, small, to the point and out of there by 8:30 Those of us that haven't grown up yet, had to move on to the next party.

Pharview sent their very own Nicole Poret down to Meredyth South to train with David O'Connor for a short time this month. She most certainly furthered her natural horsemanship skills and had a nice brush up on various other subjects. She fitted into that environment so well, that she got the thumbs up to return.


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