May - July 2010 

Our Spring season was successful and most of all fun.  We introduced a few new riders to our wonderful sport of eventing and they managed to finish an event or two.  They certainly realized how much fun the people of our sport are and the support they give each other.

The Summer has been wonderful to us.  We all horsed around a bit this summer, whether it was on the East Coast or down here in the deep south.  Both places were not without the heat.  Both places were certainly with great old friends and many new ones.   How blessed we are to be able to fill the summer with many different family activities. What a great balance we all had while staying in the tack as necessary as possible.  Everybody has worked so hard and all of you look so fit and ready for the season. Keep up the good work. 

The excitement around the stable yard is building while we get ready for the upcoming American Eventing Championships.  Those of you that have been before know how exciting this venture is.  Those of you new to it have every reason to be excited.  Especially this year being that the World Equestrian Games short list riders have a mandatory outing.  We will not only be stabled with numerous Olympic level riders, but hanging out and partying with them.  Many of our friends are already calling to make sure we make certain arrangements for us to all be together as much as possible over the five days at the wonderful facility of Chattahoochee Hills Eventing.

Our twenty-four hour getaway to Holly Hills this past weekend was loads of fun.  We all stayed on the grounds and managed to visit with our buddies from up there.  Everybody had a great school and we are ready to keep the pedal to the metal for the season.

We are happy to announce that our barn manager/mentor/friend, Nicole is having a baby very soon.  She is working part-time now and will return full-time as soon as she feels like she has the family/work balance under control.  I know many of you, including me are already missing her because we are having to pick up where she is leaving off, but on a good note it keeps me closer to home and back in the saddle.  Speaking of back in the saddle...apparently I tried to do some trick riding a couple of weeks ago with no tack, that's right, no tack and that didn't work out so well for me.  What on earth was I thinking?  All is well and I will think twice before trying that stunt again. Ha! Glad we can all laugh about it.  As Court reminds us all...only riders fall.  We are here to live it.

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