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It's been a fantastic couple of seasons here at Pharview and on the road traveling from state to state.  Our down time is normally in the heat of the summer where we take advantage of non-horsey travels. Not so much this summer. Those ponies had to stay working up until the young rider team was picked. Yay for us that we had four of the twelve horses qualified for Area V young riders. Way to go Coach Court! What an achievement! Only six horse and rider combinations were to be picked out of the twelve. Our kids could only be picked on one horse each and they were both picked to go to camp in Dallas and then on to Kentucky for the North American Junior and Young Rider Championships. What a fantastic adventure it was.  Area V is the most competitive team in the country to get a spot and the folks in charge really give those kids a feeling like being at the Olympics. It's truly an adventure that all kids of that level should put on their list of goals.

Calvin and Hoodwink had a very impressive 4th place finish.  He tackled David O'Connors cross country course like a champ. The course was a true championship course with no questions left out. Maximum height, width and just shy of eight minutes long with intense heat in the forecast. It really forced the riders to put on their thinking caps.  Reagan had an unfortunate fall that put her out of the top placings.

On another note, our young, up and coming 4* hopeful, Czechmate was a winner again this past weekend up in New York. Lauren Kieffer has the ride on him and she is doing a wonderful job bringing him along up through the levels. Lauren was awarded a grant to ride at Boekelo this coming October on Veronica, owned by our good friend Sarah Broussard. Congratulations Lauren and Sarah.

Ride tough y'all and let's get the next goals set and achieved

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