Pharview Stables News Archive - 2009


How exciting! We made it through a phenomenal horse year. Well, it was a phenomenal year ... period. Several of our team members received new horses. Several new team members joined us this year.

Lacey got her drivers license. Nicole was officially trained to drive and handle the Freightliner. She was also trained on loading all horses, golf cart, motorcycles and most importantly, a properly stocked ice-chest. She and Court took the opportunity to train a couple more super nice babies and send them on to their new careers. Several of us were taught by Nicole how to hackey-sack and we are pretty darn good at it.

I woke up one day and realized that my children were getting involved with more and more activities and that I could not be gone from home as much as I was when I was competing. I realized that it was not all about me anymore... darn! I’ve practiced with them, every sport that they play and made it to every game, I am a big sporto, so that is no chore for me.

Bally Whatnot (Kobe) had a super year with OCET and Lauren Kieffer. He is back in Ocala, ready to compete again after taking advantage of a little rest while Lauren took on a few 3 and 4 star horses that needed to be qualified for Kentucky.

Court and I feel so fortunate to have spent 4 days with Mr. LeGoff in France. The three of us were so proud to drink good wine in the hospital room and have a couple more joke and laugh sessions with him shortly before he passed away.

Our dear friend, David O’Connor, was inducted into the Equestrian Hall of Fame.

There were highs and lows, but mostly highs to fill ourselves with good memories. No matter how bad you might think your day was, our team leaders and their great attitudes made for getting right back on track.

The Saints are 12-0 and we managed to get to a game or two between eventing, our childrens sports and school work. Now it is time to get down to real good old fashion holiday season fun. We’ve got some partying to do. No more horse talk until January or February or ...


Friday night was a sweet, low-key evening with hot food and hot fires. Great way to get the weekend off to a good start. The weather was cold, but just fantastic horse weather. I just love to get that favorite coat and boots out and make use of them. We had two sunny riding days and smiles on all riders faces. That’s always a perfect weekend! By the way, Scott won the crowd pleasing, bareback puissance class at Plantation Field International Horse Trials back in October. He finished the class out over a 5' 5" jump. Is that a hoot or what? He is an amazing classical rider and so humble to be just that. He would never even have told us this, but it came through sharing good stories.
Coming in December

4 Star Level Event competitor and Grand Prix Showjump rider, Scott Keach is returning to Pharview Stables in December. He would like to develop a clientele in this area to make his trip here a bi-annual event. Scott is an Australian native, who amongst many accomplishments represented his Country at the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games. He currently competes at the Grand Prix level of Show jumping and the upper levels of Eventing. Scott has recently moved his operation to Ocala, Florida during the winter and Middleburg, Virginia during the summer months.

Ocala Horse Trials was just a blast, as always. We stabled at OCET and received the golden treatment from Mrs. Mars and her team. Our riders all did well and Lacey was a super star finishing 8th place on her dressage score competing against several big time riders such as Leslie Law, Kyle Carter, Hannah Bernett and Lauren Kieffer. Reagan smoked her field to finish 2nd against some of the same professionals and she even beat Karen O’Connor, how cool is that! Luke had a great day to finish 6th. Calvin had a stop on cross country that killed his 5th place and when asked by Karen what happened, he replied with a smirk on his face, “I got cocky and that didn’t work out so well”. Thanks so much for a great event Jon and Jen Holling. You guys are excellent!


Pine Hill was a great event. Reagan and Tawney stayed on their streak and came home with a 3rd place on her dressage score. Calvin managed to get serious for a day and smoke the field with a 2nd place on his dressage score. Prairie Boss and Nicole came home with another top 5 finish on her dressage score. Luke finished on his dressage score in 9th place in his division. Lacey was having a picture perfect day until Danny pulled a shoe halfway through cross country and then her competition day went down the drain. Court took that opportunity to remind us that it is better to retire when things are not quite right than to continue on and risk more serious injury.


What an exceptionally beautiful weekend we received for this event. The weather could not have been prettier. The hills were green, the people were full of positive energy. The footing is always good at this event, no matter how much rain they have the week before. Both parties are always a little too good, also. Luke and Snuff put in a beautiful dressage test to take the early lead. His new horse had never run cross country before and was a little spooked at the large hay bales and had one stop. He managed to finish 6th, which is just excellent for a new ride. Reagan and Tawney put in another sweet dressage test and held her 3rd place position to the finish. Calvin managed to put in an above average test and had a flawless cross country go to sit 5th place. He unfortunately, lost his way in the showjumping and had to retire. Poor dude, he hung his head and walked away only to blame himself. Nicole P and our emergency back-up pony managed to finish in 7th place after a couple of pilot errors on cross country. She redeemed herself in the showjumping. Lacey and Danny unfortunately had to scratch Sunday morning due to some minor heat in a leg. Ultra-sounds came back looking good and he’s good to go. We are all glad to realize that we were just erring on the side of safety. Way to check those legs team. 

Thanks for sharing your wonderful facility, Bobby and Tracy.

I believe we pulled off a service that Jack would have been proud of. We did all that he requested and then some. A huge effort was put forth by all to make it from all over the U.S. and other countries. There were about 100 plus riders and friends present. The emotions were running along with many fun Jack stories. It made for those two days to be very special.


It was finally time to catch up with our friends at OCET now that they are back down in Sunny Ocala and things are much more relaxed. Lauren Kieffer won an Advanced division at Morven Park on a new ride for her, Dorothy Crowell’s “Radio Flyer.” She was also 7th in the other Advanced division on her very own “Snooze Alarm.” This gave her a great opportunity to have a great run at Fair Hill 3 and 2 star. The OCET dominated both divisions at Fair Hill. Hannah Bernett won the 2 star on Dick Thompson’s “St. Barth,” with Lauren not far behind her due to a technical error that cost her the lead. Karen was second in the 3 star on “Mandiba” and Lauren was 12th on “Radio Flyer.” This event sorted the top riders and competitors from the rest of the field. How exciting for Hannah and Lauren to take on two of Karen’s horses due to her having a motorcycle accident only weeks before the events that left her with broken ribs and a broken shoulder. How many 22 year-old riders are handed Advanced catch rides and win on them the first time out?! David and Karen, you are the Masters of teaching the Jack LeGoff way. Way to go OCET. We appreciate you!


We managed to have a good time at this event, regardless of the torrential downpours. It was a very similar event to their March event. Survival of the fittest is what we called that one. Luke and Reagan managed to put in beautiful dressage tests to put them both in 2nd place. Lacey and Nicole P had timing issues before dressage, but managed to get through their tests. Calvin did the fastest test in the world and was happy about not being in last place after dressage. Everybody had a picture perfect showjump round to hold their overnight position or move up a spot or two. Our team Muddy Dogs went home with the blue ribbons and the goodies. Lacey had a phenomenal cross country ride other than one pilot error at the hill jump and it caused a stop. Not bad for getting to know a brand new horse on a Training level course. Extra big thanks to the moms that showed up with gourmet meals for both nights. Nothing wrong with gourmet by the campfire. Sweet team effort! Thanks for a great event Sam and Jodye.

August 28- 30, 2009 - Scott Keach Clinic 

Boy, we could not have asked for better August weather if we had special ordered it. We had a downpour Friday morning and that made for total dust free footing all weekend. We had a nice little breeze throughout both days and the Cross Country course had drained the way it was designed and provided us with perfect footing on Sunday. Only at the end of the day were the younger riders forced to jump the large coffin because footing started to deteriorate at the smaller. It appeared that they felt superhuman with expressions on their faces after each one accomplished it! Of course, a big audience was present to encourage confidence in the riders, too. 

A couple of riders showed up with specific problems, those were solved and everybody went home with smiles on their faces. I think we would all agree that it was an awesome weekend and we are anxious to have him back soon. Great clinic!

Nicole B is a new member at Pharview. She showed up wanting to jump after a ten year break. We put her on Prairie Boss and she was jumping courses within 20 minutes. You’d never known she had ever hung up the irons and certainly not for that long. She fell in love with Prairie Boss, vetted and purchased him that same week. She was able to join in the Scott Keach clinic and really did rock and roll! Nicole obviously grew up doing a lot of the jumpers with a great coach out of Baton Rouge. It is great to have her with our team, her horsemanship skills, kind nature and “ride tough” attitude will fit nicely around here. Good luck with your athletic and most handsome new horse, Nicole B.

Scott is an advanced level event rider and a Grand Prix show jump rider. Amongst many other accomplishments, Scott rode on the Australian team at the 1988 Seoul Olympics. He has managed to devote two days to come down between riding numerous horses at many different events.

Summer 2009

Congratulations to Luke Jones and Reagan LaFleur for their huge accomplishment in qualifying for the American Eventing Championships. This is one impressive accomplishment. Let’s not forget to mention that you qualified in your very first season of event riding. Keep up the great work.

The footing in our cross country field has been perfect all summer. We managed to keep the watering system working throughout the drought and since early July we have only had to keep it mowed. I know that all of you and most importantly, your horses have enjoyed that spongy grass to gallop and jump on. It has been a treat to see a great team having such a blast.

July 15, 2009

Zack arrived this week for some re-schooling and training. Zack is a 4 year old, very handsome warmblood. Pharview will be schooling him for his amateur rider to enjoy. Welcome Ann and Zack.

WOW!  Pharview’s very own Bally Whatnot, aka Kobalicious is ranked number one Preliminary horse in the nation. He has also moved up to the Intermediate level to finish 5th out of 40 last week at Maui Jim Horse Trials in Chicago. Yeeha Kobalicious!

July 10-12  Maui Jim Horse Trials

Our jockey, Lauren Kieffer, from OCET proved to be a top contender again this past weekend.  She was 2nd in the one star on her younger horse.  Second and 5th in the Open Intermediate division on a longtime partner for her and Pharviews very own Bally Whatnot, a field of 40 mind you.  To top off her great weekend, she was 3rd in the OP on another new ride for her.

Keep up the hard work.  You inspire us all.  Congratulations

May 27 - June 30, 2009

Karen O'Connor - Cathy Weischoff Clinic That clinic was quite possibly the best clinic we've been to.  We benefitted from three different world class professionals, never to see a dull moment.

June has flown by and I have to admit, I have barely seen a horse, let alone ridden one lately.  One of our many wonderful adventures did land us in France to visit our longtime friend and mentor, Mr. Jack LeGoff.  Mr. LeGoff was on fire to have us there.  We managed to get up to all kinds of silliness.  He managed to take charge of our time there and have us benefit the local flavors of Saumur.  One major day consisted of a private tour of the Cadre Noir with language interpreter and all.  It was great to hear some good old stories from Jack and have the reminder of him being quite possibly the most famous horseman alive.  George Morris had not long visited him and it was legendary to hear Jack say, "George is good to me, George thinks that I walk on water."

May 9 - 10, 2009

Jersey Fresh CCI 3* proved to be a good one for our friend Lauren Kieffer. Lauren and Snooze Alarm ran against some big time horses and riders to Finish 8th at his very first 3*. Lauren received Snooze Alarm as a 4 year old and she brought him along herself. She competed in young riders on Snooze and now Lauren is a member of the USEF’s Developing Riders Program. She was chosen to be part of that back in 2007. She consistently competes against the big dogs and she is consistently finishing in the ribbons with them. Lauren is certainly a great one to watch and learn from. The leadership role that she plays for O’Connor Equestrian Team and our youth of today is outstanding. Congratulations Lauren and Snooze Alarm.


Nobody was looking to do their personal best again at this event. We had severe thunderstorms Saturday and had to seek shelter between dressage tests. It made for lots of joking around about Area V and the weather they've received this spring season. The great thing about seeking shelter is that you make new friends and bond with current ones. Our team rode tough to survive and only one rider did not finish in the ribbons.

Great job riders!

Pharview welcomes a new member to our tight team.  Virginia comes to us from Louisville, KY. She is a representative for Frontline here in Acadiana and she does eventing for fun with her horse Dylan.  Virginia was tagged to become a Pharview member because of her apparent knowledge, great disposition and an attitude to work hard and play hard.

Welcome Virginia and Dylan!

April 23 - 26, 2009

Don't forget to take a very important non-horsey day or two to hit the Festival International de Louisiane this weekend.

April 17 - 19, 2009 - Ocala One Star and Holly Hill

Between the O’Connor’s excitedly calling and texting us regarding Kobalicious in Ocala and lightening storms at Holly Hill . . . . we had a wild and exciting weekend. Kobalicious finished 3rd out of a field of 50 horses with a fine score of 47.  Wow!  1/10 of a point behind first place, mind you. David and Karen’s excitement for Kobe and Lauren made getting through the lightening storms at Holly Hill a lot more bearable.  We all literally had to fly through our dressage tests just to stay alive. Nicole and Prairie Boss managed to come out with our team’s only decent dressage score, tied 3 ways for 1st place.  The rest of our team was struggling their way back up from the bottom throughout the jumping phases.  Calvin was asked to participate in John Staples' speed study for the USEA and wore a GPS unit while he rode cross country.  This watch like piece of equipment recorded Calvin’s speed throughout his ride.  This data is being collected across the country by John in order to help the USEA see trends in rider techniques and course design.  Everybody seemed to hang in there enough between getting lost and other minor hiccups that we all finished with a score.  Way to hang in there riders. Congratulations to the two of you that finished in the ribbons in such outrageous conditions.

Thanks Bobby and Tracy . . . you guys were awesome to make the appropriate changes and keep the event rolling safely.

April 10, 2009 

Important reading in April 10, 2009 issue of The Chronicle of The Horse. Between Rounds has a great article that will help remind you of what Pharview is based upon.  

April 2-4, 2009 The Fork - North Carolina

Kobalicious was a superstar again finishing second with a score of 27.4. Go Kobe and Lauren! Good luck next week at the One Star

March 20-22, 2009

Southern Pines Horse II - Pharview's very own 'Kobalicious' was a superstar again finishing with a score of 29. Go Kobe! Looks like he may be ready for a bigger challenge. It appeared from the results site, that many of our OCET friends had many top finishes again. Way to go Pharview and O'Connor Equestrian!

March 13-15, 2009

Meadow Creek Horse Trials - Talk about survival of the fittest at this event. The show grounds got over 5 inches of rain on Friday. We, amongst many others, got our rig stuck in the mud right off the bat. The day became such a challenge that by the time we all sat down for dinner after all horses were put to bed warm, dry and comfortable, we felt strong and invincible. The dressage was a struggle to get through and so was the showjumping. Thank goodness by Sunday the going was good for Cross Country. We found out which of our horses and riders could deal with mud. Reagan and Tawney had no fear of bad weather, she put in a super nice dressage to finish the event first place on her dressage score. Luke and Time and Again finished second right behind her and Calvin and Razzle Dazzle finished his first Beginner Novice in 5th place. Talk about riding tough! Nicole looked so good out there on Prairie Boss and she was having so much fun galloping that she went too fast on Cross Country and dropped from 3rd to 8th in her division. Lacey and Rated G were superstar's in dressage and on Cross Country. I think we would all agree that just finishing this event with a score, was a huge accomplishment

A big THANK YOU to the organizers for doing their best to keep the event rolling.
March 6-8, 2009

'Kobalicious' is what OCET has named Bally Whatnot aka Kobe. He has made himself quite at home down in Florida and they appreciate his wonderful attitude. He is a lush! Kobalicious dominated the field at the Rocking Horse Spring Horse Trials finishing with a score of 28.8 in the Open Preliminary against many of this countries top Preliminary horses. Congratulations to OCET and Kobalicious.

February 27-March 1, 2009

The GALA horse show was a lot of fun.  Prairie Boss was Champion in the Jumper ring with Nicole in the irons.  Time and Again was Reserve Champion in his adult hunter class with Paloma Reyes in the irons.  Sir Covington surprised us all at his first hunter show, pulling out a Reserve Champion.  He is one super nice baby!  Lacey Darby managed to equitate well enough to finish 2nd place in the USET Equitation class.  All of our other horses and riders received great ribbons in full classes.  All in all it was one happy weekend. 

The Cross Country course has been landscaped and the lawn is about to be planted on the banks and hills.  We may have to hold off using it for a little while to allow that grass to take.  At least you all got to school it a few times during these wonderful winter days.  It has been a blast watching you all enjoy the facility.  It is so great to finally have our own Cross Country course!

February 13-15, 2009

Ocala II Horse Trials was an exciting weekend.  Bally Whatnot, aka Kobe, led the field in one of the Open Preliminary divisions, almost to the end. He just was not quite fit or fast enough on Cross Country.  He took 4 time penalties to finish in 2nd place.

Still an enormous accomplishment. We knew Calvin and Razzle Dazzle were going to have a tough weekend ahead when Calvin clocked in a 103.5 fever Saturday morning. He never whined once, he stepped up to the plate for the team and finished with a score. That was one tough ride, but he insisted he do it. He surely impressed OCET, amongst others.

January 31-February 1, 2009

Rocking Horse Horse Trials was a positive experience for Bally Whatnot aka Kobe. He bounced back from his minor health setback in January to finish 12th on this big course. He was in a field of 25 of the top Preliminary horses and riders. We are glad that he is back to his old self.
January 24, 2009

Over 100 rounds! You folks are awesome.  Way to hang in there with that unexpected cold front.  We ran at least one hundred show jump rounds through that arena.  The footing was fantastic, we never even had to harrow.  We can now be very excited about it after a year of use. 

Congratulations to Hannah Stepanek riding Jazz it Up as the high point jumper rider of the day

January 17, 2009

High Point Hunter and Equitation rider, Elizabeth Bertucci riding Try to Top This.  January 18 - High Point Equitation rider, Hallie Musso riding Connect the Spots.  High Point Hunter went to Brittany Mason riding It Takes Two. CONGRATULATIONS HORSES AND RIDERS.

January 17-18, 2009

Pharview Hunter Show - WOW! We had over 60 horses each day at our farm. Each time these shows get a little bigger and a little better. We had fair judging, great footing, good food, good weather and happy people.  Thanks Acadiana for your support.  We will continue to build the essentials at our venue to make these shows better and better for you.

January 10- 11, 2009 

Ocala I Horse Trials - Reagan and Tawney had almost flawless jump rounds to finish 2nd in her division. Calvin and Razzle Dazzle had flawless jump rounds to finish on his dressage score and in second place. Luke and Time and Again were leading the field after stadium. An unfortunate miss communication at the second cross country element moved them down to third. Lacey and Kobe did not fulfill their dream at this one. It just was not their weekend. They had been on such a roll for so long that it hit real hard. I know how hard it is to pick up the pieces and give your team support when you just want to feel sorry for yourself. Lacey put her usual smile on and supported her team. She was doing cartwheels within minutes of the last rider finishing. Lacey, you are a team player! You understand how this sport will keep you humble.



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